Class of 1901 in front of College Hall, 1898

  • 1875: First admitted students
  • 1871: College chartered

"One expects to find the Smith girl aggressive and ambitious. She thinks she can be because she is a Smith girl, and is intensely loyal. She goes into dramatics with reformatory intent, and does not hesitate to appear before mixed audiences in cities small and large. Social, intellectual and religious freedom are dealt out with an open hand; and perhaps nowhere is an American college girl so truly the arbiter of her own fortunes." (Hemment 4).

"To avoid the effects of an all-female community, [the founders] designed Smith... to simulate family life within a New England town... Smith broke the seminary's disiplinary code and disposed of the structure of rules monitored by female faculty; as in a family, students lived by informal and unwritten rules. The hope was that, protected by the patriarchal order of the New England town, Smith students would keep their femininity." (Horowitz 5).