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Photograph taken the student room of Gail Lasell, 1898, and Jean Lundy, in the Seminary Building

The Barnard College Mortarboard (yearbook) editors in 1897. Pictured: Jessie W. Hughan, Stella Stern, Susan Myers, Louise de Hart, Clara de L. Berg, Ida Wells. Absent: Helen St. Clair.
Louise Brownell, class of 1893, Louise Brownell's room in Merion Hall.

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Inscription:Recto: Tupper; Verso: library in Fay House, 1890s ; Note - General:Miss Farley, librarian; at right, Lucia Bosley, 1903 A.B.; Edith Richardson (Mrs. W. N. Bates), 1896 A.B., at back right; Caroline Strong (?), 1903 A.B. at left front


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Letter from Sarah Glazier, Vassar Class of 1868, to Isabel Treadwell ("Bells"), about faculty, studies and leisure activities during winter break.
List of Recorded, Unrecorded, Weekly, Washing, and Ironing Items which were forbidden and followed by an infraction.
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